For Direct Sales LEADERS Only

Secrets of Well Attended Events that Make Your Reps Money

Why do some leaders have standing room only at their meetings and some don’t?

*Bonus video* Instant Access:

“A Powerful & Simple Model for Leaders to Train Successful Reps”

Everyone attending the training will receive a transcript
of Steve’s entire training!

$1,000 in drawings for Steve’s private leadership
curriculums at the conclusion of our webina
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"Secrets of Well Attended Events that Make Your Reps Money" Webinar
FOR Direct Sales/Networking Marketing LEADERS ONLY

This webinar is definitely for you if...

  • You want to consistently fill up your meeting room with enthusiastic, motivated team members and guests.
  • You are truly passionate about your representatives earning more income, becoming more confident and self-reliant.
  • You never ever again want to question the quality of your meetings or conference calls!
  • You want to cut your planning time in half, triple your results, and hear over and over again: “Our meetings and conference calls are unbelievable. I feel so fired up after all of our events. I’m ready to take action!”